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a lot of you. and, hopefully, things maybe will cool down or brighten up. here's lynette charles. >> i think we will brighten up more for today. not cooling things down but we will brighten up. so the heat is on once again for today. you know the temperatures will be 90s or better. and that's going to continue as we go throughout the rest of the week. we have an air quality alert so a code orange is what we are talking about. we have a better chance for storms heading into tomorrow. and that is good news. we don't need to see storms on the first day back to work. forget that. maryland's most powerful radar looks good. we are dry as we go into the afternoon just a slight chance for an isolated storm but i think we will stay dry like we stayed dry yesterday. temperatures right now 69 degrees in baltimore. 67 in columbia and clarksberg coming in at 65. 60s in mount airy and walkersville. 71 in westminster right now. upper 60s into perry hall and bel air and we are looking at 74 in edgemere and stevensville. we have an air quality alert
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that code orange i was talking about. and everybody seems to be on the eastern shore in the clear. but then where you see the other oranges, that's where we are looking at the code orange in effect for the rest of today. so again, if you have lung disease, asthma, you want to limit your outdoor activity. now over to tonya with your traffic and i been wanting to say that all morning, i like the color you chose. >> reporter: i know and we didn't call each other. >> we didn't. >> reporter: just worked out that way. we are doing okay on 95, 295 and 795. even on the beltway even though we have a little volume. let's look at 695. no major incidents to report. this is at liberty road outer loop heavier as usual. the left -- to the left of the screen. charles street between conway and pratt northbound we have the left lane blocked there. there's usually construction there but we have no active construction due to the holiday. we are doing okay there. 95 both side of the town no problems to report. megan. >> thanks. it's a minute after 6 right now. what started off as a day of
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family, friends and festivitiesend differently in downtown baltimore. violence left a boy shot and a man dead from stab wound. linda so is live with the latest on the 4th of july gone bad. linda. >> reporter: well, this is not the type thing you want to hear about especially not here. we are by pier 6 pavilion. maybe i've been down here for a concert. we have the water. it was the perfect place to take in the fireworks last night. and you have mccormick and schmick's. this is where police say a man got into a fight with a group of people just after the fireworks yesterday. he was stabbed in the neck. and he later died. it happened just after 10 last night. that's right when the fireworks show ended. the man was taken to shock trauma but he didn't survive. then in a separate incident, a 4-year-old boy was shot in the leg as he was standing with his dad at light and pratt streets downtown. police say the boy's father heard a loud noise and the boy started to complaining his leg hurt. that's when the dad realized his son had been shot.
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the boy was taken to johns hopkins and his injuries are considered nonlife-threatening. thousands were down at inner harbor to celebrate the 4th and to see the fireworks. police had promised heavy security with hundreds of officers on patrol. even earlier in the evening, the police commissioner held a news conference to detail the coordinated effort with a number of different agencies. but still, that could not stop the violence. now later this morning, at 11, police will hold a briefing to talk about what happened last night. but, again, last night here, a man was stabbed in the neck and he later died after he got no a fight with a group -- got into a fight with a group of people and a 4-year-old boy was shot in the leg. he is expected to survive. live downtown, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks you. a group of -- thank you. group of friends on the water celebrating the 4th of july when things turned tragic. this morning sherrie johnson is here with the latest information. >> reporter: well, this morning, the search will resume for a missing boater.
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the department of natural resources police is calling this a fatal boating accident. the missing boater is identified as 25 years old james kane. the call came in around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. several rescue boats hit the water around dobbins island searching for kane. a woman in the boat with him was rescued but he has not been seen since. a helicopter and side scan sonar equipment was brought in to help in the search. rescuers searched a half square mile in 15 feet of water but no sign of the body. >> somebody said there's people in the boat that are going too fast and they were going to turn, but the boat flipped over. the wind must have picken it up. two people fell out one they can't find and the other is okay. >> reporter: the department natural resources police say this is the 13th fatal boating accident of the year. that's up from last year. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> hours after the boater disappeared in pasadena, medics found a 6-year-old boy who
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drowned at sandy point state park. police received a call around 6 a.m. now a boy disappeared near the south beach of the state park and a number of people at the park tried to jump in and help rescue. >> we can't go in because ambulances and police were coming in. they said there was a boy who got lost and they were looking for the boy. >> officials tell us that this is at least the 13th drowning so far this season in anne arundel county. they hurnlg people -- rnlg people to keep a close -- urge people to keep a close eye on their children near the water. a boy is doing well after nearly drowning. they were swept away on a sand bar. lifeguard grabbed him and these are photos after the incident. helicopters and boats and crews with sonar scoured the waters that were some 15 to 20 feet deep. >> the current behind this was
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very, very dangerous. it looks inviting going out to charles island. yes, it's beautiful and we want you to come to the beach but stay off the sand bar. >> it's uncommon. several people were rescued last month from that sand bar. according for the center for disease control, drownings are aserious issue. every day about 10 people die from unintentional drownings. two of the largest factors for drowning are lack of supervision or children who were not wearing a life preserver. it's now -- >> we are working to keep you safe in the water. we have a list of boating safety tips on all you have to do is click on the spotlight section of our home page. news time is 6:06. they came to america for the freedoms we so often take for granted and they are proud to say they are americans this morning. >> this is the best 4th of july i can think of. it's great.
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>> 38 people became citizens of the u.s. yesterday in annapolis. these folks became american citizens at the home of the former signer of the declaration of independence. he was one of four marylanders who sign the declaration of independence. >> great way to spend the 4th. >> perfect. all right. stay with us. a huge warning for you this morning if you are a smoker. >> baltimore city doctor who coauthored a report on chantix and serious health warnings that come along with the drug. passengers were awake nd by other passengers and crew members and alerted that the ship was sinking. >> the mission to save 7american boaters in mexican waters this morning. we will have the latest. and a health report is out dealing with autism and pregnant moms. the risk is being posed if expectant moms are take antidepressants. now up to new york for the latest in business headlines. >> reporter: good morning.
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topping america's money, a warning about the greek bailout. the standard and pores says greece would be in default on the debts under the plan proposed by french banks. that could derail efforts for greece to repay its loans. after a weekend without parks and other holiday recreation, minnesotans are waking up without other services. the state government shut down after a stalemate over how to close a $5 billion budget gap. and get raid ready for another -- ready for another round of layoffs. international financing review says hundreds of bankers will lose their jobs in the next few weeks. this because there's been a sharp downturn in demand for services. and while royal visits and weddings are fun to watch, they are not without a price. britain's royal family cost taxpayers 52 million dollars last year but that's down 5.3% from before. that's america's money, i am peggy bunker.
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♪ is folgers in your cup. now "good morning maryland." it's 11 minutes after the hour and you may be trying to quit smoking with the helpch chantix but this could -- help of chantix but this could causeyou have a heart attack. one of the coauthors works for the hopkins school of medicine. they had a 72% greater chance of having a heart attack within a year. parents, health leaders are making it easier to understand how to apply sunscreen. state health official say parents must get permission for the children to be given sunscreen by a staff member or camper but the new policy only requires parents to get permission for sunscreen application by a staff member. research suggest a possible
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link between antidepressants taken and expectant moms and childhood autism. researchers looked a medical records of 1600 kids and their mothers in california. a pregnant woman's use of antidepressants increases the risk of autism. the risk was greater if the drugs were taken during the first trimester. mom, dad, do not worry if your toddler is not talking until a little later than other kids. a study finds up to 18% of kids are late talkers. children who were late talkers had nor behavioral and emotional problems. but stud oughtors could be clued the findings -- study oughtors -- authors conclude the findings should take a wait and see from mom and dads. good morning. and happy tuesday to you. the temperature right now is into baltimore is coming in around 69 degrees. we are in the low 60s into york
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pennsylvania. and the mid-60s in hagerstown and wind chester. 70 in -- winchester. 70 in the area. we have lots of moisture in the air. we can see 67 in baltimore and feels 67 in baltimore as well. d.c. around 65. easton at 73. culpepper at 72. the satellite and radar right now, not picking up and aa whole lot a few -- picking up on a whole lot. you know we are starting to see the clouds trying to drift a little bit more to the south and off to the east. we will get a few more peeks of sunshine in here as we go throughout the day. that's something that we will look forward to. satellite and radar picking up on what's going on in terms of the stationary front. and this could be the focal point of more showers and thunderstorms to fire up as we go into the afternoon. we can see high pressure trying to build in behind that front but it's going to be the battle as we go through time.
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future radar pick up on what's going on in terms of showers and thunderstorms for tomorrow. so we do have a better chance for the showers and thunderstorms as we go into tomorrow. today, just an isolated chance of a shower or thunderstorm in nature going into the afternoon. and then we will do it all over again as we go into thursday. but for today, that temperature will be right around 90 toe greece. and since we will have -- degrees. and since we will have more sunshine, that's why temperatures will be a little warmer or more hot outside. the temperatures will be above normal as we go through the remainder of the week. and then by tonight, the temperature coming in right around 69 degrees. it's going to be partly cloudy and that humidity is going to be right back in here. so, even if we get a little bit of a brief break this afternoon, which it will be humid, but not as humid as yesterday, we will get the humidity rolling back into the evening and that's going to continue even as we go into tomorrow and thunderstorms are going to be possible tomorrow with the temperature coming in right around 90 degrees. so here's the 7-day forecast. and again, we have the 90s rolling in here as we go into
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wednesday. the chances for the thunderstorms and showers will continue. that will continue into thursday. very humid and by friday, temperatures will be in the upper 80s and it won't be until the weekend but good timing that we start to dry things out and we will get more sunshine in the forecast. let's go over to tonya with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. getting out on the road, causing a little volume and because of that, we have a few incidents. none on the jfx. let's look at jfx at northern parkway. no incidents to report here the southbound traffic is moving away from the camera. there are two cars parked on the right shoulder. be careful as you pass. the incidents earlier, 97 southbound after the exit to route 32, there's an accident there and northern parkway at belvedere for an accident with injuries. megan, back to you. >> thanks so much. 15 minutes after 6 right now. here's a picture of the day in case you fell asleep early and missed the fireworks. this is from baltimore city taken from one of the viewers on their rooftop deck in
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federal hill. not a bad view. and remember, any time of day, if you have an interesting photo and you want us to air it, we would love to. send it to us, pets, anniversaries, birthdays, a picture of the day, send it to morning show at we ask that you give us details so we can pass it along to everybody else. certainly isn't summertime -- it isn't summertime without the food contest. you can do something helser -- healthier and more refreshing like spit watermelon seeds. >> we have our own technique. we just spit it. >> like getting the neck involved gnar anything -- or anything like this in. >> we get a running start and go. >> how do you do compared to guys? >> so far i've been beating all the guys. year before i beat them at least 10 or 15 feet. >> what is your secret to success? >> running victory laps before,
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stretching. >> see there is an art to this. the sisters were part of the 54th annual world championship watermelon seed spitting contest in oklahoma. it was yesterday. in case you wondered, the record was setback in 1989 with a chicago man launching a single seed 66 feet and 11 inches. impressive. charley. that ball is getting out of here mark reynold went deep for the third straight game. orioles grab a 2-0 lead. >> all right. i apologize for that clearly we had a little bit of a technical problem. so we apologize. we will try to get back to camden yards and give you more information. but, stay with us this morning. we have more information on "good morning"maryland" when we
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return. a desperate search for 7 missing tourists in mexico after one person was found dead. why authorities say they are calling this a rescue mission right now. not a recovery mission this morning. and the 4th of july spectacular in washington as we go to break, we will give outsights and sounds of the 4th of july in the nation's capital. ♪ the rich aroma gets you up ♪ looking forward to your first cup ♪ morning! big day, huh? thank you. ♪ oh that mountain grown taste, ♪ ♪ just what you need ♪ for the big race. daughter: morning mom! are you excited? ♪ as you finish every mile... ♪ how rewarding are those smiles... ♪
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6:21. seven american tourists are missing after a 4th of july fishing trip to mexico goes wrong. a freak storm capsized their 115 foot boatn the -- into the gulf -- boat into the gulf of california. one passenger died and john hendren has the details. >> reporter: the american tourists got their most chilling wakeup call ever. >> passengers were awake nd by other passengers and crew members and alerted that the ship was sinking. >> reporter: survivor charles
6:22 am
gibson ace it happened -- says it happened in the dead of night. >> large winds and water contributed to the dangerous conditions most likely caused the ship to take on water and sink passengers were in the water for over 16 hours. >> reporter: the boat left san fellipe on saturday for 57-day fishing trip but sunday morning about 60 miles south of san flee pi it -- san fellipe it hit a storm. two waves struck the boat capsizing it. at 2:30 monday morning, the vessel sank. michael was one of two dozen americans on board and he swam to safety clinging to a cooler. >> they had life jackets on and they did have time to put on life jackets. so, that's a good thing. and he is a strong swimmer. so i am glad. >> reporter: 44 passengers and crew were on board. 27 of them americans. when the boat flipped over and sank in the storm. at least one american is dead and several others missing. the california secretary of
6:23 am
state's website ace operator baja sports fishing business license has been suspended. 1078 reports -- some reports says the mission was to recoverthe bodies but the mexican navies say the walter is warm and some may -- watter is warm and some may still be alive. dominic strauss-kahn could face another sexual assault case this time in his homeland of france. just as new york authorities have begun questioning the credibility of that hotel maid accusing him of raping her, a french writer says she plans to take him to court. she is a journalist and novelist and says he tried to rape her during a book interview as at apartment in 2002. 6:23. the royal tour is working its way through canada. britain aprince william got behind the controls of a military helicopter yesterday showing off his flying skills during latest stop where he and his wife are on the canadian
6:24 am
tour. william, who is a fully trained search and rescue pilot did the first water landing and followed it with a few more. it's the 5th day of the 9-day trip to canada. >> show off. >> indeed. they are heading to california next. >> yes. stay with us at 6:24. a mother on trial, her fate lying with 12 jurors in florida. >> casey anthony's attorney says she didn't kill her daughter three years ago but the prosecution, well, they are relying on a different set of evidence. lightning strikes can be dangerous. you can ask five people in pennsylvania. the civil war reenactors who almost died and lived through it. we will take you. you watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life. this 4th of july, celebrate the red, white, and blue with ocean spray cranberry, white cranberry, and blueberry juice cocktails. how did you wear this stuff growing up? it's so itchy. thou art not funny. [ fife and drum corps plays ] now "good morning maryland." what do guilty people do? they lie. they avoid. they run. but. >> did you did she. a jury deliberate casey anthony's fate as you weigh in overnight. >> we believe he is using a shield of an international border to delay and slow the process. >> he is accused of killing a teacher in maryland and running back to his native mexico. the cat and mouse game being
6:28 am
waged this morning. for the second time in less than a week, we have heard about exxon. now we are hearing about an environmental disaster in montana. details on that on this tuesday morning. hope awed wonderful 4th of july. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's check the forecast on this tuesday because a lot of us are going back to work. >> absolutely. let's see what it is going to be like with lynette charles. >> good morning. it's not that bad going back to work because we are not dealing with rain out there. and this morning, we are getting sunshine in here. yesterday, at this time we had a few more clouds that lingered throughout the day a few peeks of sunshine yesterday i think we will have more going throughout the day. maryland's most powerful radar, not picking up and a -- on a lot around town. but ocean city to the south of oceanview you can see what's going on. dealing with showers and thunderstorms trying to pop up just to the south of princess anne. but as we go throughout the day, i think we should stay dry
6:29 am
and temperatures coming in at around 69. and as we check out more temperatures, 67 in sykesville, frederick 65 and chestertown around 71. now over to tonya with traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. thanks. 70 eastbound from marchy -- marysville to the beltway, no incidents. 95 southbound of white marsh is okay. let's see what's going on outside. 50 at sandy point, no problems to report here. most of the people came back last night. but there's people that took today off. it's pretty quiet. 97 southbound after the exit to 3 #. we have an accident reported -- 32. we have an accident reported and northern parkway at belvedere, an accident with vrs. be care if you as you -- with injuries. be careful as you pass. jurors will resume deliberations in florida. the jury of 7 women and 5 men are trying to decide whether or not the 25-year-old mother killed her 2-year-old daughter caylee in 2008. sherrie johnson joins with us more

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